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Message to our Graduates
Welcome to our Alumni Association site. You have just got a start in business. The duties of the universities do not finish just after the graduation of their students. They need to renew themselves, get feedback from their graduates and institutions in order to adapt developments and changes and develop instructional plan according to this. Alumni Association was established to get stronger relationship with our graduates. We need the support and contributions of our precious graduates to strengthen and advance our Association. We believe that you will not ignore this support for your own future. Keep in mind, this mission is to prepare a better future for our graduates.  We hope that all our graduates have found a good job and continue their lives as a happy and beneficial person to the society.

KARABUK UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION will get bigger, stronger and serve you with an organization of which basis and work forms are determined, with the aim of forming our services to an institutional completeness after fulfilling vitalism of responsibilities. We expect your support to our Alumni Association and wish you happiness and success in your work life.